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I don't want to threadjack, but this thread ( by MCP has some ideas that I want to play with.

Specifically, they mention sharing TV creation resources (possibly through an style storefront, but I think that's overkill)

I love the idea of us all getting together and making little bits of a TV show for one another.

Oh you need some intro music? Bam here it is. (but you gotta share!)

Andrew (R.S Admin) @ajroach42

Oh you want a 30 second animation of a spaceship approaching a planet? Here's an STL of the ship, and the planet, see if you can find someone to plop 'em on a starfield and donate some render time.

We could pool our collective resources and help one another make neat things, and that makes me happy.

So where are the people at? and the people? and the animation people?

And who, among those people, wants to get together and collectively make a lot of things?

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@ajroach42 I do a lot of little video editing projects, mostly for my own enjoyment. I can't share most of what I make because well, it's made up of stuff I don't own. Having free clips and assets would allow me to share more of the things I make without worrying about legal repercussions.

@adamk678 Exactly!

Although I will also point you to the feature film, stock footage, and TV archives at that are chock full of footage you could use without legal repercussions:

I guess, in order to kickstart this, the first thing I need to do is draw up a list of resources that I'm aware of that we could use to bootstrap this thing.

@ajroach42 Count me in for anything that requires coding. I implemented the original physics support in Soya3D. In Pyrex, which convinced the developers to port most of the C code to Pyrex.

@ajroach42 Speaking of which, I think git-annex might be a good replacement for the filesharing aspects of Nextcloud, because a) it can traverse firewalls and deal with changing IP addresses via Tor, and b) it allows partial copies of repositories, in any direction.

@ajroach42 In many ways, it's everything that the Coda filesystem was supposed to be, but peer to peer instead of relying on a server with a full copy of everything.

@davidpgil neat! I'm getting together interested people via email and I'll send out a kanban board and maybe a chat room.

You wanna DM me an email address that I can add to my address book so I can send you the details later today?

@ajroach42 @davidpgil I can offer wtiting, editing, and sensitivity review for a number of topics.

Also, while I'm thinking about it, we've got a lot of animators around here, and voice actors. Toons aren't an infeasible option, too.

If you wanna DM me an email address I'll get you added to my address book so I can notify you when the chat room and kanban boards are ready.


So one of the problems inherent in this kind of attempt at spontaneous organizing via the fediverse is that most of our federated software systems are actually Not Great for anything other than quasi-ephemeral messages.

It's hard to organize and rally people around an idea when your primary method of interacting is a microblogging platform.

I'm going to go ahead an propose that we start thinking about ways for fediverse creators to organize outside the fediverse.

I'm partial to email! It's a good platform for slow, long form communication. We could just start an email with many recipients and begin a conversation while we think about and work on other ways to organize.

Or we could use an actual mailing list, which would be better from a UX perspective (anyone know any good mailing list software?)

I'm open to other suggestions! (Forums? usenet? someone's BBS?)

@ajroach42 i would be willing to donate render time; i'm waiting on arrival of a 8x Xeon blade system

@ajroach42 forums would also be nice. i don't know of anything better than sympa or mailman for mailing lists

@er1n I think email + chat + a couple of project kanban boards will probably be good enough.

DM Me an email address and I'll get you on the announcement email.

I've also had a lot of success in the past with Kanban style boards for collaborative project management (like Trello)

There are a couple of self-hostable Kanban board applications out there, so I'll probably go ahead and set one up tonight.

If you're interested in participating in all of this, shoot me a DM and I'll get you in to a list on my local machine.

I'll send out a link to the Kanban board and a chatroom when everything is ready and we can figure out the details from there?

@ajroach42 I am a music and writing people who is interested. I already have some music for free download and CC license but I'd also be down to make stuff unique for specific projects. Games, videos, whatever.

@garrett Neat!
Ifyou wanna DM me an email address I'll get you added to my address book so I can notify you when the chat room and kanban boards are ready.

@garrett @ajroach42
Is your megabyteGhost album in CC? I wanted to talk to you about that because I sure your music would be perfect for one of my projects... :)

@skynebula @ajroach42 yeah i need to list it as CC officially on the site but you are free to use it for any non-commercial stuff with proper attribution.

@ajroach42 Curious, have you looked at Movim at all? It's a Google+ alike with the ability to create groups. I can't speak to the effectiveness as I've barely used it, but it may be worth a look. I'm on the pod.

@ajroach42 that's cool and stuff but there are steps to make before. 1. The Problem that you mention about the simplicity of fed services today. Simple posting and basically just talking. No real exchanges of resources or services. We could see PixelFed and Peertube as the beginning of that. However they are not oriented to do that...
2. We don't even have what you describe in a centralised way so that's something to look at first I would say ;)