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Still Andrew (I guess) @ajroach42


I have 19 Public Domain Scifi TV show episodes uploaded to peertube, with a 20th currently awaiting transcoding (from Space Patrol, Space Angel, Clutch Cargo, and Rocky Jones, Space Ranger)

I have 9 more episodes of Rocky Jones ripped and ready to upload.

I have several more DVDs waiting to be ripped.

There's an RSS feed on the page, and I'm uploading a few more episodes each day until I run out of space.

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I'm at 19GB/20GB on my storage usage, so I'm probably going to have to find another instance, talk my admin in to giving me some more space, or re-evaluate my use of peertube for this project.

I like a lot of things about the way peertube works, and I *understand* the need for storage caps, but I don't *like* the storage caps.

I guess I can also make all of these videos available via Dat and Beaker.

I just hate electron and node so much.

@ajroach42 I imagine with the right amount of money all storage caps are fungible.

@lawremipsum Yeah, I'll have to talk to @Admin and go from there, I guess.

@ajroach42 The episodes shouldn't need that much storage space..?

But perhaps the admin would give more space with a bit of funding..

@snowyfox 30 films, and 20 TV episodes has put me at 19GB.

@ajroach42 Ah, 30 films as well..! My mistake.. I thought it was just the 20 TV episodes.

@ajroach42 I'd ask for an increase then, for the greater good. Or money.

@ajroach42 You have listed many of the fine works of thespian art that shaped my toddler mind in the early sixties and probably made me the weirdo I am today. Thank you!

The characters' apparently autonomous, sentient lips on Space Angel gave me horrifying nightmares.

Any chance you could get Diver Dan, too? If you don't, then beware the wrath of Baron Barracuda and Triggerfish!

@bmt I have some episodes of Diver Dan from

I don't think I've watched any yet, though. And I don't have any Diver Dan on DVD.

It looks like there are 40 episodes here:

I'll take a look at the DVDs available, and see if any of them are likely to be better than the episodes on