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I'm Back!

My shopping trip was largely unsuccessful, but I'm getting ready to watch some Rocky Jones, Space Ranger and some Space Patrol.

If you want to watch some early 50s science fiction TV, I'll probably be at this for a few hours. I might even sneak in some late 40s stuff.

It looks like a podcast recording is unlikely.

Watch with me:

This episode of Space Patrol is sponsored by Nestle Quik (loaded with Vitamin D! Complete Energy Drink!)

And I'm pretty sure we have some Nestle Quik in the cabinet, and I'm half tempted to make myself some chocolate milk while I watch.

Because I'm apparently highly susceptible to advertising from the 1950s.

Alright I cave, and I'm making some chocolate milk.

Mine doesn't come with a Space Patrol cockpit, but that's okay.

Andrew (R.S Admin) @ajroach42

The good guys in this episode just assaulted some cops, and are now about to kidnap an astronaut.

Space Patrol was a wacky show.

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