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Andrew (R.S Admin) @ajroach42

So where do I go for independent fiction? It used to be that I'd go look at Kindle direct or something like that, but I don't wanna give money to Amazon.

Where can independent creators sell/share fiction now?

@ajroach42 I know @vicorva sell some (has a kistarter on the go to publish it too).

@kyzh @vicorva Thanks! I'm looking for a marketplace, I guess. Just a general not shitty place I can buy from multiple authors.

But direct recs are welcome too!

@ajroach42 Hello! thanks for thinking of me, @kyzh :D

For a marketplace, I believe smashwords is good for independent fiction.

@ajroach42 Libreture has a pretty extensive list of DRM-free book shops and author websites.

Not all "indy" (depending on how you define it), but probably a good place to start.

(Libreture's also a pretty cool site in general if you're looking for a Goodreads/Kindle replacement. Works great with Moon+ on Android!)

@ajroach42 most authors who self-pub on kindle also publish through smashwords (because smashwords publishes to every other ebook store)

however the absolute immensity of the catalogue + self-pub nature of it means there's a whole lot to sift through if you want to find something good

@ajroach42 the only place I'm aware of outside of amazon is smashwords, which has the additional advantage of also listing through amazon.

But I have no input on whether it's a positive or negative place to be. I know a lot of people who write the harder romance towards porn place there since Amazon loves to inconsistently apply rules regarding "adult" content.

@ajroach42 I've gotten some good reads through storybundle. There's typically a genre and a bunch of stories written in that genre by various authors, with a new bundle every month.