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Here's a fun fact I learned about the Character of Winky on "Rocky Jones, Space Ranger"

The series premiered the week of Monday, February 22, 1954.

Shortly after, actor Scotty Beckett was arrested for possessing a weapon after being implicated in an armed robbery at the Cavalier Hotel in Hollywood. After posting bail, he fled to Mexico where he encountered more problems for writing bad checks and more weapons charges. After a gun battle with local police, he was incarcerated for four months/

Andrew (R.S Admin) @ajroach42

Winky was the hapless foil to the square jawed hero. He wasn't the standard "cadet" like the other shows had, but more of a green/young ranger (Rocky's ship, the orbit jet, almost always had an actual kid on it, and occasionally an old man, too.)

Winky was the audience surrogate most of the time. He was the slacker who had to ask questions so that the hero had an excuse to drop some exposition.

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It's super weird to hear that he was involved in several dumb, violent crimes within a few days of the show's premier. But it's also 100% in character.