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Andrew (R.S Admin) @ajroach42

I know that liking things isn't cool, but I really love two and three piece garage blues/punk groups.

I'm listening to The White Stripes self titled debut right now, and it slaps so fucking hard.

And like, The Gossip? I should listen to their first album next.

@ajroach42 Yeah I'm not ashamed to admit I love the White Stripes.

I mean, I've been a Stripes fanboy since my freshman year of highschool, but that first album (and de stigil a little bit) is so different from the later stuff.

It's less White Blood Cells and more The Gorries or The Cramps.

@ajroach42 Liking things is *very* cool. At least to me. We can be ostracised together!

I really have to listen to The White Stripes. I hear nothing but good things.

Yeah, do!

It's hard to say how to go about it though, because the band evolves a Lot over their career, and I love all of it, but I also understand why bits of everything might not be someone's cup of tea.

Start with De Stigil, and let me know what you think, and I'll suggest stuff from there?