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Still Andrew (I guess) @ajroach42

What was the last generation of laptops to regularly ship with parallel ports?

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@ajroach42 Regularly? Pentium III era at the latest - there were some early Pentium 4 laptops that dropped it.

Business machines held onto them for longer, into the Pentium M era.

That's what I needed. Thanks!

I always forget that thinkpads are the best.

@ajroach42 Basically, I think the last business machines to have them would be (for the 14.1" mainstream business laptops) Latitude D610, ThinkPad T43, and HP Compaq nx/nc61xx.

That's what it's looking like from my brief searches. T42 or t43 seems to be the place to be.

And they're 4:3 which is another plus.

@ajroach42 Somewhere in the early 2000s. I have an extra if you're looking.

Another question that I can't find any real answer to: When did widescreen become the norm for lapto

@ajroach42 I'm guessing around 2009; If you look at this T61 page, you can see they did a mix: so I'm thinking that was on the edge.

@ajroach42 Actually I bet it's a bit earlier; my Tosh A100-306 has widescreen and it's hmm not sure - 2006???


Can confirm having a circa 2006 widescreen Tosh

First laptop I bought new.


My personal recollections tally with the date of 2007-2009. It was shortly after 720p netbooks started to show up, and there was some kerfluffle about exact ratios; briefly laptop screens were even wider to their height than tvs, but then standardized onto the same ratio. If you're examining brand timelines, sony was ahead of the game and lenovo lagged; dell, acer and hp were middle of the road on timing.

Looking for built-in. Looks like the t42 or t43 is my last option.