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Alright, I need to do some dumb shit to make myself feel better so that I can go back to being a functional member of society.

I'm looking for a keyboard about the size of a model M SSK, with decent-ish switches for less than $200, and maybe a 17-inch CRT.

Anyone know where I could get either of those new or new-ish?

Andrew (R.S Admin) @ajroach42

@gaeel I dunno.

I have a keyboard with some real linear gaterons. (clears, I think?) and that's pretty much the worst typing experience I can imagine.

I need a little resistance when I press the keys.

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Linears are terrible for writing, clickies are nice, I recommend Gateron Blues for that
If you're looking for a quieter keyboard, Zealios Purples are really good (like, even for me as a clicky fan, I prefer these now)
You can go Cherry MX Blue (clicky) or Cherry MX Brown (quiet bump) if you want a more available option though