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Still Andrew (I guess) @ajroach42

I acquired this monstrosity today. It's a gaming rig from circa 2005, with what appears to be 2GB of DDR ram and a a GeForce 6800 equivalent graphics card.

I can't tell what processor is in it because of the heatsink and fan, which I don't plan on removing at this time.

The graphics card appears to have Windows 95 and 98 drivers. There's no HDD, I dunno what OS was on it originally but probably XP.

There's no HDD, but there's PATA and SATA on the board, so I'll just snag whatever's cheap at microcenter.

Probably going to try installing Windows 98, which means I'll probably just go with an IDE/PATA drive.

I am in no way certain if the various hardware here will support win 98, and I am not even sure if I have any install media or license keys for 98... So I'll have to figure that out.


It may well be a 32 bit CPU, which would be fine for win98.

If it's 64 bit, your options change.

Bet you could still run a mean BSD on it.

It's an AMD processor, I can see that much. So chances are good it's 64 bit.

That being said, win 98 was 32 bit. You can install 32 bit OSs on 64 bit processors. The trick will be if all the hardware on the mobo has drivers//if the bios can do legacy hardware emulation.

Yeah, I know that you can do the backwards compatibility thing on it. As I said, your options just change because if you have a 64-bit processor you can run some more modern OSes on it as well (although I think that most BSDs are still pretty x86 friendly).

Ah. Sorry I misunderstood.

Most Linux and BSD distributions do I need have a 32 bit and 64 bit version available.

If I wanted to turn this thing in to a daily workhorse, I could slap a light weight BSD distro on there and be done with it.

But this is a pretty ridiculously inefficient machine to use like that, and I have better options for a work box. This'll be a gaming rig.


Sweet. Bet you could run the hell out of Myth: the Fallen Lords on it.

@ajroach42 It's a classic, fantasy world, real time squad-level tactics game.

Highly recommended, for the soundtrack as well as the gameplay.