I see lots of people arguing that microsoft's open source efforts are in good faith.

I don't believe that is possible, and I won't believe that is possible until microsoft releases critical components of their software under the (a)gpl version 3 or later.

Microsoft spent years operating under a model of Embrace Extend Extinguish, and we have no reason to believe that they have changed.

Microsoft is your enemy. The fact that they are embracing a thing you love should terrify you.

@ajroach42 I think a lot of folks either weren't around or weren't alive during the days of the Halloween Memo.

Maybe we should bring that back out for everyone, with the caveat that MS plays a long game when they can't do something reasonably quickly.

@ajroach42 Also, it's pretty obvious that they aren't doing any of this in good faith. Take VS Code - marketed as a free and open source text editor for programmers and uses the MIT license, yet the version they compile and distribute has a few things added on and a proprietary licensing agreement.

@ajroach42 I agree. They've been trying to wipe out Free software for 20 years or so. We should wait until we see good behavior for about that long before trusting them.

@murph @ajroach42 as per like half the conversations i've had for the last couple of months, the free software vs. open source distinction is ever more relevant as time goes on rather than less.

@ajroach42 pretty convinced at this point that no computing infrastructure in the public interest should be owned by companies

They might be good stewards for now, but sooner or later there's always a new boss

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