I am currently headed back to VA. I am trying to adapt existing ideas in to additional funding for obtaining a coffee shop.

you might see me making strange requests in the coming weeks, and some of it will seem ridiculous.

I think, though, that there is a plan behind it all. :-)


the sads 

And when I get home, I have an omnibook 425 waiting for me, and maybe even a dot matrix printer.

So I'm going to start working on the tomorrow.

Once I have it running, I'll get the meta first issue together (how to zineStation486) and start working on incorporating half an hour of writing back in to my daily routine.

This makes me feel better.

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Apparently I didn't hashtag my other posts? so I'm going to go find that thread and respond with some tags.

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I still have a lot for workflow decisions to make for the , and some of that is going to be down to research.

For example, I dunno if there's a good PDF viewer for Windows 3.1, and if there is, I don't know if it supports modern PDFs. (Or PostScript, I guess? Or latex?)

Part of me wants to manage the zines entirely in markdown files, and then write some linker scripts to format that markdown and turn it in to a PDF or whatever for printing.

But can I?

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And the rest of me says that I should leave in to vintage computing and use like publisher and print shop pro instead.

(Can I do automatic imposition in publisher or any other windows 3.1 product? Or am I going to be manually imposing my files??)

Anyway, I'll find out tomorrow.

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@ajroach42 There are PDF viewers for Windows 3.1, but a lot of PDFs use features unavailable in the last release of Adobe Reader for it (3.0).

...and, you'll probably run into a fun quirk of the OmniBook 425. Namely, it doesn't support 386 Enhanced mode. Some software that claims to need it really just needs a 386 and will work, some really needs it. And, RAM is an issue, especially because no 386 Enhanced mode means no swap.
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