Do I know any game devs that would be interested in collaborating on a short,16 bit SNES style RPG?

Or any game devs that would feel comfortable implementing something like that from notes and conversations on commission?

I have most of the major events and plot points written. I have the quests worked out. I have a writer on board to write the dialogue, and I can hire an artist for whatever custom graphics we need + buy some Sprite packs from

I have very little experience building games, so I'm looking for someone who can lead development and help guide me (collaboratively) or someone who is interested in taking ownership of the dev process (for pay).

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The game is about miners in space who have gotten lost, and an inexperienced first officer who has to work (with or against the miners) to get their ship home.

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Expect themes of unionization, self governance, sustainability, etc.

Ultimately, it's a very solarpunk story.

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@ajroach42 sup. Is this the space station thing or something else?

Nah. The 'you're a business admin lost in space on a ship full of people, and the captain is missing so you have to save everyone' thing.

@ajroach42 I've never gotten around to make making an RPG yet, but there's the RPGMaker series (each version has different mechanics so you can pick which engine is best for you), but also I've always been partial to the OHRRPGGCE since hamster republic is one of the best homepages still on the WWW.

depending on what kind of special events & actions you want to occur, one of those might take a lot of the development burden off you/your dev's hands.

I've looked at ohrrpgce pretty extensively. The last time I tried to revive this project, it was with that tool, but I didn't have the time to learn it's... Quirks, and several of the example games I found straddled the line between exceptionally juvenile and straight up fascist apologist, so I stepped away. Still, it seems like a really interesting tool.

RPG maker isn't cross platform, is it?

@ajroach42 no, it's probably not. I think it probably runs fine in Wine, though. It's definitely not FOSS, since rpgm2k3 was only available in English as an illegally translated copy for over a decade

@ajroach42 gross about the games, too. I probably only ever played the game starring Bob that was made by the original creator, and was definitely too young to interpret any fascist messages if I did play those ones

I played three or four games from around 2012. Winners of competitions I think? Most of them featured at least something a little off, rude remarks about fat people, bad ableist jokes. The kinds of things you'd expect a 15 year old to write.

I tried to look past that and focus on how the mechanics worked.

Then the map I was playing was covered in swatstikas, and I decided there were better ways for me to use my time.

@ajroach42 If you're interested, I could help with the musical end.

@ajroach42 You're welcome. I do quite a range of music, including for movies as well as my private stuff. You say SNES - chiptune isn't a problem. Did you specifically mean to run on SNES/emulator, or just overall style?

Stylistic only, and 386/486 PC (VGA, adlib fm synth) is really the realm I'm imagining.

I want it to run on modern OSs. Hopefully, including the raspberry pi (but that's tricky)

No need to go mucking around with SNES trackers.

@ajroach42 No problem. I can do a few mockups if you're interested. Musical sketches.

As soon as I have something visual to show I'll send it your way along with some notes.

That way you can have an idea of what you're working with.

@ajroach42 While you're thinking about it:

I have a few software tools that can generate very by-the-book digital sounds, but I also have a few grungy analogue synths. Any preferences there?

I even have a Waldorf Streichfett for those lush paddy layers.

@ajroach42 hey @Archmage I know game design is a thing you've been wanting to get into for a long time.

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