And now she boots from HDD images stored on SD cards.

So now it's time for me to hop on the internet archive and find some good HDD images.

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Okay, after some research I was able to boot to an HDD image and load games from binary and basic files.

I have too many files in my games directory, so I'll have to fix that at some point.

I was not able to get the pitch dark image to work, so that's a bummer. I'll have to dig around and see if I can figure out why.

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My joystick has the wrong connector on the end of it, so I have to figure out what to do about that.

I don't know much about apple II computers, but the internet exists. I'm sure there were two joystick standards and I just got the wrong one. I'm sure I could build an adapter.

In the meantime, I have a complete hhgg box, so I'll probably spend an hour replaying that tomorrow.

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If you have managed to get the pitch-dark HDD image on to work in your apple iic using a floppyemu in HDD mode, lemme know.

I'm sure there's some trick or caveat I don't know about yet.

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I will say I am very impressed by how crisp and sharp the print is on this screen. I know this monitor has a reputation for being pretty good, and monochrome monitors are usually sharper than color monitors in general, but I was not prepared for how much of a difference it makes.

The picture hardly does it justice.

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I go crazy 'cause she looks like a flower
But she stings like a bee
Like every green screen in history

@ajroach42 I have so, so many memories of that setup (Including the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy box!) Just seeing it, I hear the drive head seeking... 💚

This one needs a bit of lubrication, it can be heard in the next county.

@ajroach42 My favorite trick with the IIc was the RCA video out. You could plug it straight into a VCR and record to video tape! It was a far cry from a Video Toaster, but I could share animations with people that way.

As soon as I get my floppyemu to be recognized as an HDD, I'll load up pitch-dark.

There was a text adventure of guide to the galaxy? I could only imagine the insanity

Oh yes. It's widely considered to be unfairly difficult, and I don't know that I could sit down and beat it today if I didn't have basically the entire game memorized.

Some solid writing though, and not nearly as hard as buerocracey (the other text adventure game Adams worked on, which I have never completed becuase it is downright brutal.)

@ajroach42 I'm using to view mastodon rn and it makes everything grayscale and i love it.

don't forget your towel.

@ajroach42 Yep, B&W CRTs look incredible because they have no shadow mask. They effectively have infinite resolution, but practically it means they can perfectly display whatever signal is applied.

B&W vector displays are even better. B&W vector arcade games are extremely my jam.

Once I get joysticks, I'm going to look for as many vector ports as I can find.

I'm pretty sure I already have asteroids and space invaders, but I know more are are ports that that exist.

@ajroach42 It is amazing, both how sharp a good B&W CRT is, and how hard it is to photograph one to show how sharp it is...

@ajroach42 Oh, that brings back memories. Mostly of dying. Over and over again.

@ajroach42 Apple II joysticks are analog pots for each axis, with buttons for fire, etc. Much like older analog IBM PC joysticks with the D15 connectors. Annoying to adjust centre/trim. Not the same as the old Atari or Commodore ones which (from memory) were mostly just a digital button for each direction, etc.

@cefiar Right, they're all analog with trim pots.

What I'm concerned about right now are the connectors though.

The box this came in says "Apple II" on it, but it has 8 or 9 exposed spikes on the end, as if it was designed for connecting in to a daughterboard on the motherboard directly, rather than in to a port on the rear of the machine.

I'm guessing this is just an earlier style.

@ajroach42 @cefiar Is this the type of joystick with what looks like it would plug into a DIP IC socket on the end? If so it would be possible to adapt it but I don't know if such an adapter is available or if you'd have to make it.

@ajroach42 @lroop Good to hear! Yeah the old DIP connector was used on the Apple ][, ][+ & //e and was in the case on the motherboard (16 pin dip IC socket). With the //c they wanted a socket on the outside of the case, but wanted to make sure that people didn't plug in an Atari/C64 joystick, so it's a different gender port. Also doubled as a mouse port.

@ajroach42 @lroop The 16 pin IC socket though had 4 analog inputs, which meant up to 4 axis control. My secondary school had a 4 axis controller specifically used for a CAD package on the //e. Had a 3rd axis knob on the top of the handle, and a 4th as a slider on the side. Worked great in flight sims. ;)

@ajroach42 Ah, that second image with HGTTG brings back memories of late nights in front of my IIc. 😌

Yeah, these days that's a thousand dollar accessory, according to apple.

hhgg infocom spoilers. 

@ajroach42 Nice!! I've got an Apple IIe in my basement. :) I need to do some work on the monitor, but they're wonderful machines.

@PastaThief This is my first time messing with one, but it's pretty solid so far.

I'm also surprised with how well the c64 holds up against it in direct competition.

@ajroach42 They're both really nice machines. I think that the software development that happened on the C64 was a little more vibrant as far as games went.

The c64 had better hardware graphics. The apple II was a more powerful computer. The c64 compares favorably to a IIe or similar, but each has it's strengths, and the apple II library is pretty massive, even along side the c64. I wonder which is bigger.

The plan is for me to explore both at length, and write a fair amount about each. We'll see how that goes.

@ajroach42 Eeee, Hitchhiker's Guide! Also A+ excellent vintage computer.

@hummingrain It is a very good computer.

I've wanted one, with the little CRT, for a long time.

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