@sparcipx @paradroyd Yes! The SE/30 was the best machine of the classic mac era!

I have a plus (which I like, because it can use the floppyemu like an HDD, so I can boot it from SD cards, which I don't think later macs can do?) but I wanted an SE/30.

Great computer.

I gotta get my //c on some BBSs.



That's the way I'm running this plus. Running from a Floppy emu configged as a hard drive.

Any later classic Macs I run SD2SCSIs in them.


I just flashed apple II firmware on my floppy emu. I guess I need to get another one to use with my Macs..

I have 2 of them, but I flip the firmware back and forth all the time. You can keep all the firmwares on a spare SD card and just rename them and boot with them as needed. You don't lose anything when you flip them anyway, since the images are stored on SD cards and not the unit itself.


@paradroyd @sparcipx That's true.

I just have the one mac and the one Apple II though, so it'd be easier to just have two.

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