I'm setting up some boxes to play Space Nerds in Space ( ) as part of an upcoming RPG night.

The plan at the moment looks something like this:
- build/find a handful of custom assets for planets and ships relevant to our game
- write a small number of mission scripts for the game that correspond with likely storyline progressions
- bundle all of that together and drop it on some bootable flashdrives to use with the laptops and desktops in the apartment.

Eventually, I figure I'll find the smallest/least powerful computer capable of running the game, and dedicate five of them to it full time, but that's later, and assuming it goes over well.

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@ajroach42 Some stations require less compute power than others. Main view, Weapons, and Nav have the heaviest graphics requirements. Comms, engineering and damage control can actually work with the "limited client", which doesn't use opengl at all, so these should work ok on quite low spec hardware. Science is a little heavier than comms or eng/damage control. Demon screen can be pretty heavy on the graphics since it can have to render every single object in the game at once.

@ajroach42 If you need any help with custom planets I might be able to help with that. If you find good (free/free as in freedom) models that work well in the game, let me know... might adopt them. If you make any cool Lua scripts for your game, let me know that too. Always looking for some more mission scripts for SNIS.

@ajroach42 Also, after you do "make update assets" you should have textures for approximately 48 planets in share/snis/solarsystems/*, and might be able to cobble together from that a set a planets that meet your requirements to stuff into a custom solar system. (without knowing what sort of customizations you need to make, hard to say.)

@smcameron Thank you! I'm looking forward to finally exploring this this weekend.

I'll keep you posted with what I get together. I'm not sure how long it'll take me to get up to speed with the system, but I am really excited about it.

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