Alright, I wrote a blogpost about my adventures:

This doesn't have much new compared to my posts from this weekend, but here they are ordered and coherent.

I also posted some audio samples:

Keep in mind that both samples will sound pretty much horrific, but also that each sample is around 100kb for more than a minute of audio.

I prefer the Opus file to the mp3 file, as it's a little less muddy during speech (but ruins music.)

Something to consider re: - Average dialup bitrate (towards the end of the dialup era) was 40–50 kbit/s, right?

These files are averaging about 9kbps.

You could stream a on a dialup connection without saturating the connection.

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@ajroach42 I really liked your floppycast post. I do pico-podcasts which are deliberately under 2 minutes. Still trying to get the bit rate down though 😊

@Edent Neat!

I'll be happy to offer some tips that don't absolutely ruin your sound quality if you'd like.

@ajroach42 I'm assuming that iPhone won't play back opus files? Or have they gained that ability since I last had one?

@Edent I don't have any first hand experience, as I don't have an iPhone anymore, but according to the internet: "Opus is now included in iOS 11."

@ajroach42 Sweet! Thanks! Also, can I interview you for my podcast? Will literally take less than 5 minutes 😊


Maybe! When, and via what platform?

Where can I hear your podcast?

@ajroach42 podcast is at
You can either send me a 60 second audio clip, or we can record via Skype.

@Edent Either is fine with me. I use Zencaster, if that would be easier.

I'll have to find time, though. 6-7 hours of meetings today. :-D

@ajroach42 I'm abroad for the next few days! I'm sure we can figure out a mutually inconvenient timezone 😂

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