Hi and , I need to hire someone to make a piece of reasonably bad art.

Specifically, I need a logo for a fictional non-profit that hunts Sasquatch.

Slightly cheesy preferred. Will also be looking for a business card design at some point.

I'm paying, DM me if you're interested.

@ajroach42 I'm pretty good at making bad art... I'm getting worse at it though.


Hey there! Still search for a logo?

I can help you! If you like you can checkout my portfolio at

Let me know! :)

Your website is great! I didn't see anything that fit the style were reaching for here, but I'm open to discussion.


Thank you 😃

I totally get that! I think you want something more 'retro'? haha!

If you like I can create a account for you in my customer panel so we can discus what you would like?

It's an organization of people trying to hunt and kill Bigfoot in a comedy podcast.

Retro doesn't cover it, exactly. Just less serious.


Thanks! I’ll come up with some more samples later

Yeah, still not really the direction I'm headed. I want something illustrated rather than textual.

I'll keep you in mind next time I need something serious though. :-) thanks!

Might be a bit late to jump on this, but I'd be so into doing that. I'm out at the moment but can send you some examples later!

Okay, I know this is more 'heinously bad' than 'reasonably bad' but I'll take any excuse to showcase my (old) invoice

@sajan That's impressive, honestly.

That might be a scooch too far, but it's on the right road.

@ajroach42 hm, I'm finding it hard to pull up examples involving illustration rather than graphic design

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