I can verify that it is possible to make smacker video files that will reasonably play back on a pentium and see not so compressed as to be entirely unwatchable.

Unfortunately, the version of smacker tools I'm able to find appears to refuse to output anything over three minutes long.

I'm assuming this is a bug, but I'm unsure of the source. It will merit more investigation, but not today.

The videos are also not good looking for their size (in my tests I'm getting about 9MB/minute, which is a bit more than I was expecting.)

This leaves me with a 90 minute film clocking in at 810 MB (or it would, if I could get more than three minutes of output.)

This is unfortunate for several reasons, but I'm particularly unhappy about the size when compared to the quality. Sacrifices must be made if I want to play it back on a pentium, but this seems excessive.

Guess I'll try cinepack now

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