Okay, I have some updates on Smacker Vids.

1- The 3 minute bug is only happening with mp4 files.

2- a 2 hour and 12 minute 480p xvid avi file takes about 5 hours to smack.

3- I can smack multiple files at once without slowing things down (up to six on my machine), but I can't make individual smacks go faster.

4- 2 hours and 12 minutes at 480p turns in to 945 MB of barely watchable video at 119KBps (going to try again at a lower resolution, to see if I can get a quality boost)

At current bitrate, that's 650mb for 90 minutes, and/or 1 film per CD at almost bearable quality, but it should play back on my Pentium and possibly also on my 486.

Going to reduce the resolution and see if I can get something better.

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Was able to verify that my Pentium MMX 144 can do VCD, Cinepack, and Smacker (surprising no one.)

I'm about to test the VCD, Cinepack and Smacker files on my 75 mHz Pentium, and then I'll try an xvid file on the pentium MMX.

At some point, I'll try the smacker files on my 486DX66, and see if that's an avenue worth pursing.

Not enough data to draw conclusions yet.

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Breadbox ensemble has been installed. I'm amazed at how snappy and full features geos/breadbox is just in general.

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Smacker video runs without issue on the Pentium as expected.

I'm trying to see what kind of file size reduction I can do without venturing in to unwatchable (starting with reducing the bitrate, framerate, and resolution slightly.)

It seems unlikely that smacker is going to be a viable long term option though... It gets pretty ugly if the camera is moving at all. (Not all bad with a static camera though.)

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The mmx 166 did not like the xvid file I gave it, which is pretty unsurprising.

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