I would do anything. Literally anything to un-experience and un-remember and return all the time wasted on video games. I would trade it all away to have that time back. Fuck zelda, fuck doom, fuck q*bert, fuck FFX, fuck Mario kart, fuck star wars games, fuck destiny the hardest. Im so fucking sick of difficulty being there only way these stupid fucking developers can make a game engaging or interesting. I've wasted a pretty already pathetic life on games and I wanna die because of it.


@Username_Here_ASAP I feel this somewhere in me.

It sucks, because games are the only third space most of us have, but it's a shitty place.

@ajroach42 I'd do anything to undo it all. Anything. Kill a loved one. Sell my soul. Vote right. Eat mushrooms.

Fucking anything to get that time back. The worst part is im chemically addicted, very very very prone to addictive behaviors. My life would have been better if I did hard drugs and died young, instead of got fatter and angrier because I'm not good enough at the pewpew horseshit.

@ajroach42 time machine, murder my first pet with an Atari in front of 5yr old Josh, add fear-trauma to my mind early on. Then drip feed me throughout time reasons why video games offer nothing that cannot be done better in other mediums. Also maybe prevent a few elections or something.

@Username_Here_ASAP Okay, but I don't have a time machine.

so now we gotta figure out how to move forward.

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