Here's a thing I wrote about building mobile/modular computers with a raspberry pi:

@emsenn @djsundog This one has some typo corrections and a new URL because the old one was misspelled.

I'm sure there are other errors, but it's fine for now.

Hope you find it useful.

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@ajroach42 Damn useful! So to get myself started, I'm going to get

this raspberry pi:

This power supply (the recommended one):

and this case:

Would this be an alright hub?:

Also, does that pi have a full-size hdmi port? I'm not seeing it mentioned and can't tell from the picture/don't know other hdmi ports.

If so, then that's all I'd need to replace my desktop.



Then I can buy the other parts as I have budget:
- first a battery pack
- then a different screen
- portable keyboard
- i see they have a thermal printer thing?? i want that!! i have to print stuff so often and using a giant hunking printer isn't what i need i need this!!!!!

@ajroach42 Oh - a microsd card and a heatsink i think you said. i live in the south so... @djsundog

@emsenn @djsundog @ajroach42 You might look at some of the aluminium, case-as-a-heatsink cases.

I think the 3 is probably a better bet if you're buying right now; it might be better to wait for the next iteration of the 4 before buying one of those.

@emacsomancer @ajroach42 @djsundog Right now I'm getting by with just my desktop (and haven't gone to get a new monitor for it) so am going to buy something soon just so i'm not one spark away from literally not having a computational device beside, uh, a kindle.

@emacsomancer @ajroach42 @djsundog

So here's what's in my cart:

I have:
- an 8gb microsd card
- an HDMI cable
- an HDMI monitor
- a USB keyboard
- a USB mouse
- a wireless access point
- the live end of a cat5 cable (ethernet)

I don't need anything else for this to be a functional computer, correct?

@emsenn @djsundog @ajroach42 You probably want a decent microsd card. the cheaper ones tends to fail. samsung ones have held up best for me (and are still cheap these days).

[here's an example of a heatsink-case, though I haven't used this one personally: ]

@emacsomancer Mine is a fairly unused class10 from sandisk but yea I plan on replacing it asap - budget is a big concern here. @ajroach42 @djsundog

@emsenn @djsundog @ajroach42 Once it's set up, maybe take an image of the microsd as a backup in case of failure.

The other thing people sometimes do is just boot off the microsd and try to make most of the actual writes to a drive plugged in over usb.

I second this. IME cheap SD cards are rarely as flakey as their reputation has them.

The Pi is rough on good SD cards and cheap ones alike. Once you have the SD card set up, take an image of it and write it to a DVD or stick it on a flash drive if your able.

If you can afford a USB drive, get one and use that as your primary document storage.
@djsundog @emsenn

@ajroach42 @emsenn @emacsomancer then, if you decide this is the platform you want to roll with for a while, you can grab a usb-to-sata board and use a cheap ssd:

Looks like they're out of stock. I've never used that specific model.

If it works like other serial port/ttl printers, super easy. Pipe in some text and some control codes and it prints.

@emacsomancer @djsundog


@djsundog @emacsomancer @emsenn
I'm looking for a portable serial port printer that doesn't rely on thermal paper. If I dig one up I will let you know.

@ajroach42 @emacsomancer @djsundog I mean what else would it use? What's wrong with thermal paper?

Nothing is wrong with it, it's just hard to find locally and a little pricy.

If I can get my paper locally and refill my consumables myself, I prefer to do it that way.

@djsundog @emacsomancer

@ajroach42 yo just open drawers at your nearest starbucks they've got boxes of them @emacsomancer @djsundog

@ajroach42 I mean uh. Yea. Or panera. Any of those places that have decor that involves cabinets with solid doors? There's shit in there. @emacsomancer @djsundog

@ajroach42 Until they renovated there as a starbucks with some booths in the back that were almost always empty, and it's also where they kept lots of their coffee and office supplies? Never understood it. Stayed that way for years. @emacsomancer @djsundog

As you've probably experienced, thermal paper does fade. That's one of the biggest reasons that I've avoided exploring it in more detail. Hard copy for me is normally about archival.
@djsundog @emacsomancer

@ajroach42 Ahh for me that's often a benefit, I'm just trying to give a note without having to handwrite it out. I used to have one that was a thermal thing and a keyboard where you'd type and it'd print after each enter and i loved it. I've got a... what's the name of the sort that use toner? for longer-lasting, costs me 4-7 cents a page. @emacsomancer @djsundog

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