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Andrew (R.S Admin) @ajroach42

Hey, does anyone I follow do film archival?

There are negatives for five episodes of Space Patrol on ebay.

If I know anyone who is able to do careful, high quality HD scans of these reels, I'll buy them and work with you to get them archived.

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@ajroach42 my first thought would be to contact the George Eastman Museum, my neighborhood film archive, but I'm not sure if this would be something they are interested in directly

@ajroach42 I have a rig to do 16mm film frame by frame in near 4k, but I couldn't promise I would get to it in anything like a reasonable amount of time

That could work. I'm not in a hurry (beyond the fact that I'm fairly certain the reels are starting to break down, or will soon.)

@ajroach42 I have spoken to the other people I work with and we are all interested in this. We may be able to do it in a semi-timely manor even.

The question is how to get it to us.

@inmysocks I found another group who offered to do the films in 4k at a reasonable rate (basically the cost of storage.)

They came pretty highly recommended, so I'm probably going to try to work with them. If that falls through, we can try to figure something out?

They don't have their pro rates published. I'll reach out.

@ajroach42 you'd be hard pressed to find any place that does archival-grade work giving out their rates. Colorlab, George Blood, memnon, et cetera don't publish rates. But I am confident Skip is the most reasonable, willing to work with an individual instead of only companies, and also most likely to be trying to outbid you on ebay at any given time for any film

I bought the films. I'm reaching out to two digitization groups to see if either is interested in working with me at a price I'm willing to pay.

On the one hand, I hope that this isn't a regular occurrence. On the other hand, it would be really cool to be responsible for the preservation of a significant number of public domain content.

@ajroach42 This is where your form of "discovery" would come in handy. I know there's someone out there who'd write a blank check to digitize old sci-fi films and shows. Like, shit, lucasarts, you wanna set up a trust, y'know?

But... getting that connection made is almost as costly (in terms of time, if not capital) as just paying to do it...

One group that came highly recommended offered to do it for a piece I can't beat, so that's awesome.

If we're lucky, this will be the best these episodes have ever looked.