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Andrew (R.S Admin) @ajroach42

The Figaro is in good mechanical condition (which I expected) but has some cosmetic problems (which I was aware of.)

Specifically, it needs a new convertible top, and there's some rust on the front corners where the convertible top meets the car body.

I noticed this when I checked the car myself. The mechanic who inspected it for me said that he was of the opinion that it would be an easy repair.

I have to figure out if that's something I am willing to deal with.

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@ajroach42 if it moves, it’s a better car than my car atm.

@ajroach42 there are places that specialise in these here in England, it looks like they can ship spare parts to USA if required..

@vfrmedia Yeah! I found a shop that has replacement convertible tops for about 200GPB with shipping to the states.