A thing I have noticed is that there is not a good index of the episodes of Space Patrol and Tom Corbett that exist/are lost or incomplete.

Granted, with 1300 episodes that's a huge undertaking, but I think it'd be worthwhile to at least compile a list of the missing and damaged half hour episodes (a modest portion of the 210 half hour episodes are damaged or missing, compared to an even more modest portion of the 15 minute episodes that aren't).

And some more research is required in to the total number of radio episodes produced! Many sources (including my collection) put the number at 129, but I have a letter here from Lyn Osborne dated 1953 (two years before the end of the run of the show) in which he claims that there have already been over 200 radio episodes broadcast.

Maybe he misspoke, but I think it's equally likely that Wikipedia and the OTR resellers are missing 70+ episodes.

Anyway, I guess this is something that really demands an investment in time.

I'm not sure if I have that time to devote, but I want to get the process started at least.

Having a hard time dropping this idea.

I need to at least organize what I have and document what I'm missing from the stuff for which we have a reasonably complete catalog.

I'm not going to worry about the stuff that is mostly unknown/missing. I mean I'll document what I have, but I'm not going to try to catalog all the bits of it that are missing because there are just too many unknowns.

Once I have catalogued everything that I have, I'll share it, and maybe we can crowd source the remaining details?

Alright, the radio show aired live for a year and change, twice a week, with no available transcription disks or tapes.

It went off the air for a while, and came back as a weekly show, again airing a few dozen episodes with no transcription disks or tapes, before finally moving to a pre-recorded for.at with transcription disks and later tapes.

There are 129 extant episodes, and there are 60+ missing. It is unknown if transcription disks were made of these early live broadcasts.


Based on the dates that the show aired, there are roughly 120 radio episodes missing, in addition to the roughly 130 that still exist and are in circulation.

250 still seems low


Two shows a week from August 1950 to January 1951. (Missing)

One show a week from August 1951 until the show went off the air in early 1955 (Missing from August 51 to October 52. That leaves us with ~10 shows from 52, ~52 from 53, another ~52 from 54, and another ~15 from 55, for 129 available episodes.)

Speculation holds that the missing episodes from 52 were probably recorded and might still be out there, and the missing episodes from 50 and 51 were almost certainly never archived.

That clears things up on the radio show front. I'll keep my eyes open for transcription discs from 50-52, but it seems pretty likely that they won't turn up.

Now I gotta figure out the TV show.

230 half hour episodes, ~1000 fifteen minute weekday episodes.

I have somewhere in the ballpark of 100 episodes in my collection, and maybe three or four of those are 15 minute dailies.

I'll start cataloging tomorrow.

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