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Is there anything low power that can emulate ps2 yet?

@kelbot no.

I've had trouble emulation a ps2 on recent mid range machines.

@ajroach42 That's what I assumed. Looks like I'll have to find an actual ps2.

@kelbot @ajroach42 Get the slim if you can. It's a beautiful little machine and basically no games ever needed the hard drive bay and network adapter, which afaict is the only options you really give up with the ps2 slim.

@hummingrain @kelbot Seconded. You can probably find one with a broken spindle pretty cheap, and then just replace the spindle.

@kelbot @ajroach42 Sounds pretty good to me! I think the electronics shop near me sells broken (non-slim) ones for like $35-45, so if it works (or mostly works) that sounds like a good deal

@hummingrain @ajroach42
I have found one on CL for $50 with a bunch of controllers and memory cards. Will try for that one first.

@ajroach42 @hummingrain Definitely on my list. One of my favorite franchises. I think I've played just about every R&C game. I need to see the movie!

@ajroach42 @hummingrain I'm pretty sure I can get my toddler to watch it with me too.