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So what do I have to do to get a return to the HP omnibook 300 formfactor today?

I want that size. I am okay with that keyboard and screen. I want that battery life and the option to use AAs.

The only thing I'd add to that is some kind of radio. Or an IR serial receiver for my phone.

Is there a serial IR receiver I could plug in to my phone!? And then use from DOS or windows 3.1 to use my phone as an application server for my laptop?

Heck, forget IR. And forget a new computer.

Can I get a serial->USB C cable for an Android phone, and tell my phone to expose a TTY to it today??

I did something like this a long time ago with Bluetooth. And a rooted android phone. Can it be done without root?

Andrew (R.S Admin) @ajroach42

I don't want a "modern" HP omnibook, I want a "new" HP omnibook.

Stick it with the same 486 processor, give it an SD card or four for storage. Maybe 16MB of RAM, and a serial port. Mmmmmmaybe a USB 2.0 port for removable storage.

That's it. That's all I want.

Until then, I'll keep using this one.

@ajroach42 It's disturbing that 16M of RAM is no longer wildly overkill for a lot of tasks.

@ajroach42 honestly I'd say go ahead with the USB, just in case. One port isn't enough to cause terrible feature creep and it's frankly a pretty retro "future compatibility" feature