Alright! I'm working through the steps I need to get Synchronet configured and then I'm going to start experimenting with smtp, , and federation over Tor for my little

Looks like I might be able to use qwk files to rig up a fake federation for the BBS pretty easily.

I love that most BBSs support QWK files, because it means that I can skip a couple of steps towards making this thing "offline first".

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(assuming I can find any software for linux and android that reasonably supports qwk files. Or make my own, I guess.)

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I have a lot of docs to read before I can reasonably commit to configuring this thing correctly.

I'm going to do that for a while.

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Tonight I'm gonna try to get some old DOS door games running on the pi.

I am not overly optimistic that I will be able to get any traditional door games running at a reasonable speed on the 0w, but I gotta try.

When that undoubtedly proves unsuccessful, I'll turn to the rich history of multiplayer Unix games to satisfy my BBS gaming needs.

Then it's just down to some minor tweaks and configuration settings and I can start writing tutorials for access.

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I got some games working with qemu, and performance was ... I mean it was really really bad, but it was playable.

I'm going to try some other options later this week.

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@ajroach42 this is very exciting to me, i have always wanted to sysop a BBS

I am going to annoy you about this later :-)

@ajroach42 Do you mean a mail tosser, or a QWKmail reader?

@ajroach42 I know that one used to exist, I used it in college. Let me see if I can find it..

@ajroach42 You're welcome. I'm pondering setting up a wwiv board on a spare raspi to test bbs networking.

@ajroach42 There is at least one implementation of FIDOmail for Linux.

@djsundog There's just So Much documentation, and a lot of it assumes a level of knowledge on background that I don't have because tech has changed a lot.

And some of it is outdated. Just wrong, basically.

And I'm trying to do weird/bad things. So I'm on the periphery of what's documented anyway.

To pull that off, I have to know the right way too. So I'm reading.

I'll be watching for any flavor TradeWars or LoRD. Good luck 👍

@yaaps I'm going to try Lord and doormud, but I'm not optimistic.

@penguin42 nothing special. Qemu i386 with 32mb RAM and a local directory mounted. I have not attempted any performance tuning

@ajroach42 of you're running on a Linux host pass --enable-kvm and it should be a lot faster

@ajroach42 If you have any QEMU tips, this project is trying to make it easier for newbies to get on board with it! I haven't got any experience with it so I'm not much help yet --

@ashley I don't have any specific tips at the moment. I just followed a tutorial for this one.

I mean, I've used qemu a lot over 10+ years, but it's obtuse and I almost always end up reading a. lot of docs before I get started with it, even if it's only been a few days.


Well... now I want to play with patched versions of Syncronet and SyncTerm to experiment with features.

I have to admit, I'm also curious about the Tor+BBS experience. It feels like two good things that might go great together.

@yam655 no need to patch anything. It's easy to get Synchronet running behind an onion address (we'll see how things work when I add mail and fidonet, but the basic functionality is fine.)

I can't get syncterm working on my laptop right now, the binary just crashes. If it was running, though, I'm sure I could have it proxy it's connections through Tor easilly enough.


The things I want to add are... kind of alternate universe stuff, honestly. Had technology gone a different route, we could have had terminals that support vector graphic primitives. (Vector primitives with fixed width fonts.)

I want to add background SVG support as well as add support for custom named emoji. This includes cacheable assets and a multiplexed datastream so you can chat while you download.

I hadn't realized BBS software was such a close match to what I want.

@yam655 We did have terminals that support vector graphics, although support in terminal Emulators is patchy at best.

multiplexed datastreams is easy enough with dvtm or screen.

But yeah! I hope you're able to get these things to do what you want.

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