Synchronet does come with some games. They are Very difficult to play today, because they are running very slowly.

I dunno if this is an artifact of tor or of the pi 0w.

There are several multiplayer games, though, and the ones that are menu based appear to be working pretty well.

So let's talk about what's going on this picture, and where I'm stuck in my documentation for the time being.

This is Qodem, a re-implementation of qmodem. It is configured badly, so the text is garbled. That's really easy to fix, it just wasn't important for me to fix it to test file uploads.

I had to compile Qodem from source. As best I can tell, there are no linux terminal applications that support zmodem file transfer and telnet connections available in the main repositories.

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And configuring this one to take an onion address was honestly a pain in the side. Like, there's no copy and paste in the application.

Thankfully, unlike the others I've tried, it stores it's phonebook in a plaintext file, so I can just edit that so I can connect.

But this is *complicated* compared to the easy time I had setting up the BBS.

I have some ideas for alternatives (Kermit, maybe?) but I'd really love a modern terminal application that does z-modem over telnet.

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Anyway, until I find a better solution, I'm using qodem for file uploads. It works well enough.

I don't love that it's not in any of the Debian repositories, and I'm not pumped about the lack of copy and paste, but I have a workaround for that, and it otherwise works.

I'll mention it in my docs and I'll do a standalone thing about how to set it up, but I'm not going to *recommend* it. I don't think I'm going to recommend anything for uploads right now.

Which sucks, but whatever.

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I have a solution for downloads though. Gopher.

There's a gopher sever built in to the BBS package. I'm about to test it out.

So my official recommendation in my docs as of today is probably just to use telnet or putty for message posting, and to use lynx or another gopher client for downloads.

I'll figure out a better upload option later.

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Not sure how I manage it, but every time I edit my torrc file I end up in some kind of permissions hell where Tor won't start on the pi.

I'm sure I'm making a mistake somewhere, and I know it's a permission problem, but I do not know which step is screwing things up.

I'll fix it tomorrow, I'm sure it's some silly oversight. Once it's fixed, I'll play around with connecting from DOSBox and figure out my next steps.

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@ajroach42 Your best bet for a terminal program on Linux is probably a DOS terminal program under DOSbox. My favorite free one was Telix, though I used zcomm for a long time.

@freakazoid I've never managed to get a terminal client working over telnet in dosbox. (I can't remember if I've tried?)

I can do it from dosemu, and I've done that before, but I'm aiming for reproducability.

I'll give dosbox a shot. If I could get that working reliably, that'd honestly be a great option.

@freakazoid It looks like DOSBox is super easy to set up for BBSing. Le tme see how complicated it is to get it working with tor.

@freakazoid @ajroach42 Have you tried Minicom? I think it's still in the package repos.

@freakazoid @drwho Minicom does not appear to support telnet connections, but it is in the package repos.

It'd work over serial.

@ajroach42 Not sure if mentioned already, but syncterm? Not sure as it's been a while since I used it and my internet is down so I can't test it atm from my PC.

@cefiar when I compile syncterm, it crashes instead of working. There is not a precompiled binary available that I have been able to find.

@ajroach42 syncterm might be what you want, though I don't think it's in any package managers, it builds easily enough under debian-like linuxes including raspbian, handles ansi control sequences, and zmodem file transfer.

@djsundog syncterm crashes on mint after I compile it. I haven't looked in to it in any detail, though.

@ajroach42 @djsundog syncterm always worked for me on #FreeBSD (where it is available as a package). It only crashed trying to copy something out of it with an X selection, a bug for which I have uploaded a patch via BBS :)

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