@ajroach42 puppy linux was the first linux i used for more than 1 hour. I think I used an ubuntu puppy.

i put it on a 512MB laptop to try and 'modernize' it for school and no, no it didn't work because I didn't know how to optimize for the limited capabilities for the machine, NOWadays I could probably do it tho.

@ajroach42 it has been a long time but yes. My late grandmother used it happily a number of years ago as well.

@ajroach42 ooh, I used to have a Puppy Linux disk years ago that I would occasionally boot work computers from.

@ajroach42 I had one set up as a firewall on an old PC. With the multi-session CD, running from RAM, you basically had a read-only security appliance. Something odd happens, a reboot would clear it up, albeit without fixing the original problem. Still though, very nice for the footprint.

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