I'm having a harder than normal time focusing. I can't bring my thoughts in to order or dedicate my energy on the things that are important to me for longer than short bursts of activity.

This is not a Big Long Term problem, this is a small, right now problem. I can solve this problem with focus and discipline, or with a vacation, or with the support of my coconspirators.

I'm restless. That's really all there is to it. I'm not sleeping well, and I'm worried about the future (not my future, which is well in hand at the moment, but *our* future.)

When I ran Analog Revolution, we did a weekly meeting of our writers and artists.

I used that time to make an agenda of our current projects, to delegate, to plan, prioritize, brainstorm.

A lot of it was just Ryan and I shouting at one another in half sentence, too excitedly.

We used this time to manufacture things, to plan for the future, to write, to record, to listen to music, to eat pizza and be a community with one another.

I miss that. It's possible that re-establishing this kind of an on going, regular gathering (physically or digitally!) with a focus on The Work, and The People, with an energy half way between a classroom lecture and a wild party would be valuable in helping me feel less drifting and directionless.

At the very least, I know that I need collaborators, coconspirators.

People that I am responsible to, people who are helping move the projects along, people who's projects I can help move along. A network of mutual support.

@ajroach42 well, i wanna finish my atari 2600 game, first!

i also wanna get started on my dreamcast shenmue let's play!

@dirtycommo You're writing a 2600 game? That's awesome. Can you tell me more about it?

@ajroach42 i use a 24 bit random number generator to calculate a 256 x 256 screen world on the fly, allowing a kind of open world experience, within a 32KiB ROM, and obviously within the 128 byte RAM constraints of the console :-)

i took a lot of inspiration from River Raid, and got a little help from over at atariage.com

me and my mate at uni are gonna finish it, but i have to teach him 6502 ASM first lol!

it's in a private gitlab repo on 0xacab.org at the moment, but i just can't be bothered looking at it right now...

it seems we also have a lot of the same interests! you should look at my blog!

bootlicker.party :-)

@dirtycommo Neat! That's a clever way to do psudo open world.

What's the game play like?

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