Someone earlier said Jeff Bezos makes more in a week than you could have earned at $5k/day since Columbus reached the US.

I didn't believe it.

I checked.

It appears to be true.

This is disgusting.

Also, yes, Columbus did not reach "the US", both because the US wouldn't exist for several hundred years and becuase the area that he landed in was the Bahamas.

I meant to type "the Americas" but I failed to do so. I blame my US education for equating "America" with the US so often that I do it unconsciously.

The point is that A Billion is a lot, and it's a hard number to even really understand.

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@ajroach42 There are a couple of caveats to that.

It's based on a year of massive growth in Amazon's stock price.

This means two things:

1. When Amazon SP goes down, he loses money by that metric
2. This isn't liquid, he gains the wealth on paper only. If he tried to convert it to cash on the market, it would lose a lot of value, both through massive increases in supply of AMZN stock, and loss in investor confidence (due to the increased supply driving the price down directly, and due to the CEO selling being a classic indicator of a company in trouble). (If he privately sold his Amazon shares to a high bidder, though, it may *gain* value instead.)
@ajroach42 He's still disgustingly wealthy, but the way the stock markets work needs to be considered too.

@ajroach42 *quietly walks up to table*

*flips it across the room*

*breaks a sharp shard off the table, goes to kill Bezos*


a billion is too big to really have a grasp on. when you think you understand how much money that is, it's more

@baronnarcveldt and it's amazon's goal to make themselves a part of every economic transaction. they want us all to be a little bit their slave, so jeff can rack up dollars like a high score on pacman @ajroach42

@ajroach42 to put it in seconds: a million seconds is roughly 12 days, a billion is 21 years. And a trillion seconds is 31,000 years. (your milage may vary depending on which billion or trillion you use: there are quite a few different sizes of billions- thanks USA!)

@ajroach42 (the reason I mentioned trillions is amazon is a multi-trillion dollar company, alongside Apple.)

@ajroach42 that’s how he affords all those sex toys! 😳

@ajroach42 Bezos’ hoard of luchre is worse than disgusting. It’s obscene. And it’s literally intolerable. We cannot survive long under such a system. These people must be cast down from their gilded thrones or nothing will get better for anyone.

@ajroach42 Is it him personal income from dividends or his whole company?

@kravietz it is his personal income plus the increase in value of his stock portfolio.

@ajroach42 help me out here, his net worth is about 100 Billion and he makes 78 Billion a year? I am missing something, maybe I misunderstand some multiplicator?
@ajroach42 the part with the 5000USD/day I got, I checked that too some day(s) ago and made a post about it.…
@ajroach42 ok, so I think there is some flaw in the logic behind that or he spends a lot of money. Thanks for the link anyway.
@ajroach42 yes and he paid for the settlement and then he must have spend another additional to that settlement, but then the numbers are from 2017 I think... but who cares, I was just wondering how it all add up.

Never the less, he earns insane amounts of money, he doesn't pay his workers fairly, he doesn't pay sufficient amount of income tax and all because noone makes him to do either of that. I wouldn't do it if I wouldn't have to. 😕
@ajroach42 not sure about the year now, but I think the divorce was just this summer an the numbers are from the past year. May have confused the year above.

@ajroach42 so, this man earns :

- each second 1.63 times the french minimum wage (€1521,22 gross wage)
- each hour 11 times french minimum wage life (€766 694 gross wage for 42 years)

I know I did not take change rate into account, but how cares with such numbers?

@ajroach42 I just ask the webmaster of online Liliane Bettencourt converter if she/he can do the same with Jeff Besos

@ajroach42 The jeff bezos twine game put into perspective for me how much money he makes by how much he could singlehandedly fix

Someone in my tl posted it earlier and I just want to make sure everyone knows about it.

@ajroach42 Is this really what *he* gets or is it what his companies earn?


It is the increase in value of the shares that he owns, mostly. It is not completely liquid, and if he attempted to liquidize any large portion of it at once he would in the process devalue the rest.

It is still the best current estimate of his wealth.

@aslmx @lerk I can't say for certain, but that might put it over the top, Owning things makes money faster than making money after all.

@lerk @aslmx $5000 with compound interest, at 3% yearly over 500 years comes to $13,109,386,171

Or roughly two months of the last year for Bezos.

@ajroach42 every billionaire is a failure of policy

I believe this statement at my core

@ajroach42 J. R. “Bob” Dobbs makes more money than Bezos but he also spends and forgets about and loses more, too. He goes from zillionaire to nothingaire and back again several times a day. It’s not clear that he even understands the concept of money, he’s just very good at moving it around. You can help move some of your money to and find out!

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