Here's a quick update on my box.

I'm less thrilled with this paper the more I use it, but this is more or less what the finished boxes will look like.

I've figured out most of what will go in them, too.

I have made some decisions about the video files too, but I'll talk about that in another post.


This shot of the box is a little sharper.

I need slightly thicker cardstock, I need to score it deeply before I start trimming or gluing, and I really need to look in to printing this on a Ledger sized sheet, which would remove one glue seam and make the other less noticable.

@dirtycommo it seemed appropriate. I originally used a different script font, but it wasn't comic book enough.

I did tighten the kerning though. Just becuase it's comic sans doesn't mean it has to be Ugly.

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