Alright nerds: what cool things are you doing right now? What goals are you building towards? What creative projects have you recently finished?

Self promotion thread! Hype that shit up!

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@ajroach42 lunch break, but extremely proud of myself for getting this pc together. Picking it up tomorrow and getting the os and shit on it.

@ajroach42 thx. This should be simpler than mysterious memory errors lol.

@ajroach42 I want to build a new server and let rest the old gen 8 microserver. It's not easy because budget and decisions. I want it to be power-cheap but also run a virtualized #hackintosh with #VFIO for the gpu.
I'm looking for build suggestion. Any ideas?

@cromlech I don't really follow current gen hardware, so I'm not sure I could make an intelligent suggestion.

@ajroach42 I want to build a totally passive VGA to DMX Adapter

@ajroach42 Well since you ASKED, I just did this interview with our very own @snakeboy and it was a blast to make. I laughed my ass off editing. EDITING.

@ajroach42 I've got a stack of physics and history-of-physics papers in various stages of completion.

@ajroach42 working on legitimatizing my home server stack. just installed a rack, UPS, and configuring the router to have an emergency fallback connection incase of isp blackout.

that and working with @ln and @uint8_t to build a power delivery solution for an open source clustered storage project.

@ajroach42 I'm planning out my "handle my personal data structures and spit out useful-to-me-and-others-renderings" server, which is now in Racket and a MUD server. (Last I mentioned it directly to you, it was Elisp and an ActivityPub web server)

@ajroach42 My cold from last week has come back for seconds, but I managed to create an Inktober image and a little extra, plus I have come to a decision on how to do NaNoManGo.


Working up a "suicide plug" and safe protocol, so I can energize the home lighting circuit from a battery and inverter, so I can close the remote control skylights that I can no longer operate because PG&E has followed through on its promise to provide no power for two days during rhis "possibly historic" wind event.


By "safe protocol" I mean "less likely to get me immediately killed". A cord that is male on both ends cannot help but expose lethal voltages.

So it went something like 1) turn off breaker to lighting circuit 2) remove bulb from fixture 3) install bulb-to-plug adaptor in empty bulb socket 4) insert suicide plug into adaptor 5) insert plug from other cord into inverter (GFCI protected) 6) insert other suicide plug into inverter plug

This failed instantly, GFCI trip.


The ground in the inverter-to-adaptor was unconnected, and the inverter was too smart and careful to let that pass (builtin GFCI).

Fired up the 44 year old 6KW Onan in the RV of the same vintage. Next problem was finding the right lighting circuit. Next problem was getting the switch to the right position to backfeed power into the circuit.

Succeeded. Power is still out today. While abiding at the library, 4 houses burned in town: blown PG&E transformer (pole pig?).

@ajroach42 I'm porting #Trike, my ancient threat modeling tool (, to #Pharo, a more recent dialect of #Smalltalk. I'm hip deep in package reorganization because the list of underlying libraries that are included in the default distribution I switched to is VERY different. I've learned most of what I'm doing by trial & error. I'm considering writing a HOWTO for porting Smalltalk.

@ajroach42 None. Instead, we bought my 6 year old daughter a Crayola Caddy, paper for her easel, the mighty 64-pack of Crayola crayons, and Wal-mart sketchpad to encourage her newfound love of drawing. Her current subjects are Pete the Cat and Hello Kitty.

@ajroach42 I've been working on some adopts which combines my limited art skills and my writing skills. But I've also been working towards writing a book of mine about necromancers.


My shop at http://www.teespring/stores/gryphons-roost is going well! I'm starting work on a cute winter design soon.

@gryphon Neat! Broken URL, but there's some cool stuff up there.

@uint8_t @ajroach42 Wait, is this the board you just fabbed up and flow soldered yourself? Where are the thousands of SMT components? And the microcontroller?
@uint8_t @ajroach42 This is amazing. What the hell are you building? A homebrew BMS?

@ajroach42 trying to get an IoT startup off the ground (have already built prototypes for a wifi-enabled garage-door-opener and a thermostat); so if anybody has/knows someone with a lot of a. money and b. appetite for risk, put them in touch :-P

@ajroach42 phuc yea positivity self-promotion hype thread!

:ablobreach: :blob_pat_anar_raccoon: :blobcatmelt: :blobcatmeltcry: :heart_bi: :heart_nb: :trans_heart:

So far so good with the grassroots bootleg self defense group I pulled together!

After putting down language learning for a while, I restarted it, and I started learning Hindi!

I'm going to start equipment operations and Warehouse logistics training programs next month! I'll be living there full-time lifestyle for a few weeks, but when I come out, I'll have a lot more job prospects! Part-time, of course! :lunarpunk:

@ajroach42 Working on a major upgrade for the website my city uses to track the #PoGo nests. Adding searching and more specific areas as well as a REST API so someone else can write Discord bots to interface with it.

@ajroach42 I fabricated half of a fender to replace a missing chunk of my 80s car, and I'm doing a lot of preventive bodywork to keep the rest of it from going missing.

Also trying to finish painting the garage on the few warmish days we have left.

@ajroach42 I'm Working on a #cyberpunk neo-noir novel! 🕵️‍♂️

Tentative title is "Pandora Downloaded". It's about AIs, androids, a detective with a memory malfunction (brain implants screw you up) and a mysterious murder whose main culprit is a rogue android, in a "Blade Runner meets Ghost in the Shell" style.

Chapter 1 available here:

Donations appreciated 🙏 , check my profile for details.

Upcoming or in the works,
- masters in math (algebraic number theory) and entry into phd! I am finally making good progress on my thesis
- switching to a zettelkasten + bujo papercore exocortex until i see a good way to digitize, because this century is too extreme for thinking inside the cranium
- I have some fediverse projects on the drawing board. Nfi how I'll find the time though so I'm leery of hyping them yet.

& getting nervous about future finances. How can a math student monetize? Aaarhh. :)

@ajroach42 I’m trying to get a guitar commission finished! Juggling my main income source (software dev contracting) with my passion project meant I was in the workshop all weekend making dust.

@ajroach42 i'm making a web app that will be able to view toot archives exported from mastodon! and thinking about whether to publish the already working minimal version or to implement a few more features first.

also trying to figure out why does my orange pi crash, so far i know that it isn't overheating and my sd card is probably ok..

@leip4Ier how are you powering it? Power issues crashed mine several times.

@ajroach42 yeah, i've been looking into power supply issues as armbian forums said that it's a likely problem. however i tried to stress test it, as someone on the forum suggested, and using all the four cores at 100% for 120 seconds didn't crash it. it'd be nice to have some kind of a way to trigger the crash manually, so that i could try another power adapter and make sure it's good... i'm using apple's usb power adapter for now, the one for ipads, the label on it says "output: 2.1A".

@leip4Ier Oh. Weird! I don't think I've seen any issues with that power supply.

@leip4Ier Also, the web app to view the mastodon archive is such a needed thing. I'm looking forward to that.

@ajroach42 yaaay! i was worried that nobody is gonna use the thing i'm coding. so it's v nice to know there's someone who does need it ^.^

@ajroach42 Same as most weeks, I continue to post a weekly chapter for 2+ years. Recently, I've been writing 1-2 short stories a week on top of that and posting everything free to read on


Oh, it's an infamous set of challenges which tests your knowledge in x86 assembly language.

I think it was first taught in CMU, but it's quite everywhere now.

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