Hey users!

I'm looking for a CD titler similar to a casino CW-100, and associated software and for or another derivative.

Do you know of something similar with Linux support? Or am I going to have to stick this thing on an airgapped XP box or a well isolated VM?

@ajroach42 It might be a little more expensive, but have you considered using an external LightScribe supprted DVD/CD burner (

You should also be able to find a template for LibreOffice and maybe print stickers (

@TheOuterLinux not interested in stickers.

I would consider lightscribe but I believe the disks are much more expensive than regular blank top disks?

@ajroach42 Oh yeah; they are much more expensive, which is weird considering how I seem to be one of few people left that still burns discs and surely they can't be that much harder to produce...?

@TheOuterLinux yeah the magnitude of the additional expense is a deal killer for me.

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