It appears I received a pinebook pro in the mail.

I don't remember ordering a pinebook pro.

I mean, it Seems like something I'd do, I just have no recollection of it.

I very nearly ordered on three days ago, so I'm glad I didn't order that (second?) one.

I guess I should figure out what slaps.

First thought:

Why the fuck is this AC adapter cord so tiny? It's Way too short to be useful.

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Second impression.

Damn. Everything about this feels polished and high quality. The keyboard has good travel. The screen looks good.

Third: well shit, what are the login credentials?

It appears rock/rock according to Google. I'll try after nourishing my soul.

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The build feels better on first impression than my librem 15, tbh, but first impressions can be misleading and the devices aren't at all in the same category, so I'll only make that comparison once more and I'll do it after a few days of swapping between them.

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Rock/rock has worked. I will now attempt to use the pinebook as my main computer for several days. Wish me luck.

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@ajroach42 oh, good luck - there are still a lot of rough edges software-wise, but it's likely doable. A month from now (max), it'll be doable and comfortable too.

@ajroach42 wifi can be flaky, particularly at longer ranges from the AP. otherwise, I don't have anything specific and glaring to say about the default OS image, but I only used it for a few hours before I moved to an Ubuntu-based image from ayufan (which came with its own rough edges, but they were novel). Currently, I'm running Preview 1 of Manjaro ARM's KDE image for PBP, and it has no sound or bluetooth yet, but is running a mainline kernel.

@ajroach42 oh, the touchpad firmware needs some updating to be a little less touchy, but that just hit the pine64 desks for testing so should see the light of day in the next few days.

@djsundog Thank you for the feedback. I'll keep all of that in mind.

@ajroach42 oh, a couple more:

wifi is unusable after resuming from suspend, so you'll have to reboot anyway.

plugging in power while suspended also seems to resume automagically, which is annoying, so best to shut down if you're going to plug it in overnight (or leave it on - just don't try to suspend it until after you plug it in lol)

@djsundog That's good to know. I have a similar issue on one of my thinkpads,


@djsundog @ajroach42 for the factory image? password is "password"; username is... pine64? pine?
@ajroach42 I really want to get one of these and make it my main on the go development machine but the Haskell ecosystem just doesn't have that kind of first class support for ARM sadly, so I'm going to have to find another computer for that
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