It appears I received a pinebook pro in the mail.

I don't remember ordering a pinebook pro.

I mean, it Seems like something I'd do, I just have no recollection of it.

I very nearly ordered on three days ago, so I'm glad I didn't order that (second?) one.

I guess I should figure out what slaps.

First thought:

Why the fuck is this AC adapter cord so tiny? It's Way too short to be useful.

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Second impression.

Damn. Everything about this feels polished and high quality. The keyboard has good travel. The screen looks good.

Third: well shit, what are the login credentials?

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It appears rock/rock according to Google. I'll try after nourishing my soul.

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The build feels better on first impression than my librem 15, tbh, but first impressions can be misleading and the devices aren't at all in the same category, so I'll only make that comparison once more and I'll do it after a few days of swapping between them.

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