My GA friends have talked me in to running a Space nerds in Space party when I get down there for Christmas. We're renting a room at a local community center, I'm setting up laptops with bootable flash media containing the game. Should be a good time.

@Ethancdavenport We are planning to invite you, yes.

Ash is in the middle of working on uniform designs.

What classic starship bridge role do you think you are best suited for?

@Ethancdavenport I *think* we will have enough people for two full crews. If not, we'll rotate. I'll make sure you get to live your dreams. Message ash about working with her on an insignia if you're feeling froggy.

@ajroach42 I need to start collecting the right kinds of nerd to run a SNIS game. Or maybe tabletop with Star Trek Adventures. Either way.

@ajroach42 Any chance your bootable image is available for DL someplace, or do I need to roll my own?

@danhunsaker I haven't put one together yet. Goinf to take a crack at it tomorrow. When I do, I'll stick it up somewhere and share it with @smcameron who wrote the game.

@ajroach42 Didn't even think to check for a Fediverse account for him. 🤦

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