Dar and I watched the Star Wars Holiday Special (again) today.

He had never seen it before.

When it was over he looked at me very solemnly and said "What is wrong with you? Why would you watch that willingly?"

@ajroach42 It's important to know that no one knew what the hell was going on in those early days and the adoration these fans have for a great story is built on lies!

@ajroach42 It's more a variety show, thinly wrapped in a sitcom with Star Wars theming, than it is anything else... Very 70s. Very obvious why it isn't generally thought of as actually part of the canon.

@danhunsaker Oh for sure. It's 90% variety show. It has very few redeeming qualities.

But it's also tradition.

@bstacey they're are two good bits, one exceptionally bad bit, and a bunch of just generally baffling bits.

If it was half an hour shorter and the variety bits were better it'd be fine.

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