In spite of poor reviews, I consider Home Alone 2 to be the pinnacle of the series.

Revisiting it as an adult, I find it shocking that I was allowed to watch something so utterly grotesque and violent as a kid, much less that we watched it as often as we did.

@ajroach42 There are a lot of things we watched and played with as kids that make me wonder if my parents paid attention at all to what they were letting us do. Ren and Stimpy?

@kelbot I wasn't allowed to watch Ren and Stimpy as a kid, and I went out of my way to keep my parents from seeing Rocko's Modern Life, because I knew they'd take issue with it as well.

But yeah, so many things that were just an accepted part of my childhood seem moderately horrific in retrospect.

I imagine the same is true for every generation.

@ajroach42 In a similar vein nobody wore helmets when they rode bicycles when I was a kid. We didn't even own helmets and it was never even a thought. Now my mother asks if I wear a helmet when I ride my bike as an adult even though she didn't even care to buy me one as a kid. Go figure.

@ajroach42 I wonder what things we do and let our kids do now will seem ridiculous in the future.

@kelbot I wore a helmet on my skateboard and never rode a bike. I was in a pretty horrific car accident when I was little though. My parents were pretty protective on that front.

then again, traffic has likely gotten quite a bit busier since we rode our bikes when we were kids.

@ajroach42 I saw both this and the original in the theater. With my parents. They laughed at the violence like everyone else.

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