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I recently read Armageddon 2419 and the airlords of han and I regret it, honestly.

The books were racist, which shouldn't have surprised me, but I was taken aback by how forceful, blunt, and pervasive the racism was.

The books were also terribly boring. Hardly anything happens, and when it does it is usually interrupted by a long technobable explaination of psudoscience.

The conflict is toothless, and the antagonists are consistently otherred and dehumanized.

They aren't worth reading.

Andrew (R.S Admin) @ajroach42

The protagonist from this book was later adapted in to the character Buck Rogers, which is why I read it.

I was looking for some flash of what I have come to expect from Buck Rogers in these stories, but it pretty much wasn't there at all.

I need to revisit the early Buck Rogers comic strip and figure out at which point the character evolves to become what I grew up with. Is it at the point that he adopts the name Buck over Anthony? Or is it much later?