I got my rasberry pi 4 to boot, so I'm going to get it running later today or tomorrow.

I did not get a takeup reel because the film store was closed, so I guess I'll do that one day this week and start doing film captures.

I'm waiting on paperspace to let me have a computer that runs linux so I can install all the tools I need to run deoldify video with a real GPU, so that I can try deoldify on Space Patrol.

I found my take-up reels while doing some reorganizing, so I don't have to buy more and can start digitizing film.

I also started reading The Jewels of Aptor by Samuel Delaney and hoooooobuddy is it ever a page turner.

It crackles with a kind of energy that I have only rarely encountered in science fiction/fantasy/adventure novels, and is pretty much exactly what I would expect from the debut novel of the guy that wrote that Scathing criticism of A New Hope that was circulating recently.

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This book is in the public dain and available on project Gutenberg. I'm going to try to put together a Standard eBooks eddition eventually (unless someone beats me to it.)

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