Hi! I'm looking at the freedbombox project again, and I noticed that i2p was listed under the applications that it has available.

Reading about this, it sounds like an overlay network like Tor, but less anonymous. What am I missing? Is this actually useful?

@ajroach42 #I2P doesn't connect as well to outside sites, so where you may use #Tor to anonymize browsing of clearnet sites, you'd usually use I2P to visit eepsites (and according to what I'm told, torrenting is a big part of I2P use).

I did not find a large enough number or variety of eepsites to retain my interest, but there could be many more that did not show up in the directory my browser used.
And I2P eepsites are similar to Tor onion sites, in that they are only available inside their respective network.

@ajroach42 I’ve used it on and off for a while. It’s only possibly considered less secure because there are less users.

The main difference is that i2p is intended to be a closed network. The intent is anonymous, secure traffic internally. Their goal isn’t to proxy traffic from anonymous users to the Internet, but to allow secure anonymous traffic among peers.. if that makes sense.

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