In three hours and 12 minutes the east coast will step in to the yawning portal of the roaring twenties. All music other than early jazz, blues, and "old times" music will cease to exist. All women will become flappers. All men, liquor bootleggers.

The time is nigh. The time is nigh.

Do you have your three piece suit? Your hat? Your violin case? Your Thompson sub machine gun?

Have you installed the running boards on your car? Replaced your trunk with a rumble seat?

Are you running an illicit speakeasy? Are you fomenting communist revolutions with hectograph printed one sheets made in the basements of forgotten hospitals?

Is your radio ready? Your newspaper?

Have you drawn the sigils? Have you prepared the sacrifice?

The time is nigh, the time is nigh, the time is nigh!

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@ajroach42 That's two new words I didn't know! 'hectograph' and 'sigil' - I'll learn a lot if the rest of the year goes on the same way!.
Personally, I just hope we get a lot of Art Deco.

@penguin42 the hectograph is aka the jelly graph. Printing with Jello!!

@ajroach42 Yeh I had to look it up; I'd never heard of jelly printing either.

@ajroach42 Finally those vacuum tubes in my part drawer that aren't useful for guitar amps will be worth something again.

@ajroach42 it’s weird how much of the stuff in this thread kinda applies to me.

@ajroach42 Good thing Postmodern Jukebox preserved as much pop culture as they could before the 20s

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