That was the least invasive tsa line I've ever been in. Makes me shudder to think of my return trip.

@ajroach42 I have less fun entertainment with me. All least I can look out the wind--oh.

@tomasino. I brought a single bag, and the majority of the things in it are focussed around making sure I don't get bored and therefore depressed on the flight.

Boredom hits really hard against my ADD. Long periods where I have nothing to do can fuck me up for weeks. (There are exceptions to this, but they require a kind of calm I can't find on a plane, or a kind of company that won't be with me.)

@ajroach42 I'm also 1 bagging! More twinning. I do have my Kindle and audiobooks on this phone so I'm not helpless. I'm pretty good at long periods of nothing, though. Lots of practice in prayer and meditation in the past life

@ajroach42 Looks like fun. I wish I could do that but my eyes suck to much.

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