Hi! What are your favorite games currently on

I'll buy (and play) the first five or six that look interesting, and boost all of them.

@ajroach42 "Core Defense" is pretty awesome.

"Sort the Court" and "Reap" where also enjoyable.

@ajroach42 Yeah, its a tower defense game but with random cards for your items between phases. So you never know what towers or upgrades you get from game to game.

@ajroach42 Butterfly Soup! It came out sometime ago and I feel like everyone's played it, but I still recommend it!

It's a very funny visual novel about queer asian girls playing baseball and falling in love! You can download it for free, or pay want you want!💜 🦋

Ones I particularly like (and can remember at the moment)
Mibibli's Quest

(CW for some sexual and ableist references, as well as bouts of screen shaking and flashing though. it's a *weird* game and definitely not for everyone)

Zissi's Island

Red Trees

Sulphur Nimbus: Hel's Elixir


Were you looking for video games specifically, or are tabletop games of interest?

Is finding an excuse to world-build some sci-fi relationships with friends with the knowledge that all are doomed of interest?

Do you have a deck of cards?

@signalstation I've been meaning to try this. Thank you for the reminder.

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