Hey, is there a good reason I cant use a ps2 style gamepad as a midi controller? Rig each of the shoulder buttons to a register, use the dpad and face buttons for notes, and the thumb stick for pitch bending and the like.

This seems like it should be possible. I have no idea how or why, but I want it.

@ajroach42 i know people do that with the xbox and ps3 controllers and stuff ( via software midi ) so probably?

@ajroach42 it sounds like that shouldn't be hard with something like arduino? I can't imagine it being practical but hey maybe

@ajroach42 Hm.
Reading from the gamepad should be fairly easy because it's a USB HID, isn't it?

py-midi comes to mind. Or maybe iomidi.

@ajroach42 for a while I was working on a tool that let you transform arbitrary inputs to MIDI (including other MIDI controllers that were hardcoded to do annoying things) with a nicer interface than just “write a lua or pd script” but sadly I haven’t touched it in a few years. seems like a fairly full-featured tool of the “write a lua script” variety. Not sure of your target OS tho.


I've done it with pygame (both ways, gamepad to midi and midi device to game input), but anything that lets you consume gamepad events and output midi messages on a virtual midi bus should work

it's a bit time consuming to do by hand but you get to read the midi spec, which has a lot of unexplored potential imo

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