What's your preference for cold storage for data these days?

I'm looking at setting up (multiple) backups (to something other than spinning disks, probably, if possible.)

What's the best option these days for archiving 20-30TB of data?

@ajroach42 At that size, you don't really have a lot of options besides a lot of drives thrown in a box. Sadly, even Amazon's glacier would be $122/month for that amount.

If you are avoiding spindles, that would be SSD drives at $10k range (81 months of glacier storage).

For spindles, a BackBlaze storage is $10k for 240 TB using 4 GB drives. You can buy drives at a smaller quantity than that. The drives themselves are going to be $1.2k for just ten (40 TB).

@ajroach42 A burnable blue-ray is 25 GB. It would be a huge number for that amount but they have a shelf life of about 10-20 years before they die. And are easy to store, but again, lots of fragmentation.

@dmoonfire ~800 50GB disks...

I mean, honestly, that's not the worst. It's not great, but the stuff that I absolutely have to preserve is really only a few TB.

The rest is just icing.

We'll see.

@ajroach42 For my spouse's business, I threw most of their photography up on DreamHost's DreamObjects (I'm anti-Amazon) because they need to pull them randomly over a few years. Then I have a burned discs in the vault for stuff > 10 years. I figured after 20+ years when the discs go bad, no one is going to want/need them.

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