What's a good (open source) bluray ripper that supports decrypting copyprotection?

Or rather, is there one?

I have used a couple of programs in the past, but only for older bluray disks. It looks like they've rolled out a new copy protection scheme?

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Looks like MakeMKV still works, but they long ago removed the "beta" loophole for not paying for it.

So I guess I'll have to pay for that, if I can't find anything else.

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Apparently the beta loophole is still kicking, so I just need to get back in the habit of reinstalling makeMKV every few weeks (unless I can get handbrake to work, which I'll try after work.)

So to go find my external drive and start ripping some more Bluray discs.

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I didn't bother getting handbrake to work, because I decided I liked the workflow of ripping from MakeMKV on one machine, and encoding with handbrake on another.

So my workflow is now: MakeMKV rips a 1:1 image on to an external 8TB HDD > A faster machine grabs that 1:1 image and reencodes it to h265, then moves the h265 copy to my media server, and moves the 1:1 image to my slow NAS with the 12TB of disk space.

I'm only planning on ripping five bluray disks this week, so that should be fine.

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In the near future, I'll get some blank bluray disks and burn the 1:1 unencrypted copy to a blank bluray and remove it from my NAS, because I only have 12GB, and I will eventually have more than 250 bluray disk rips I want to store. (and also I use that RAID array as my primary archive right now, so ... it's already like 6TB full.)

At some point, I'll update the script that sticks stuff on the NAS to derive smaller copies (palm pilot resolution, and DVD res) but that's later.

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On the docket right now is Kino's Pioneers of African American Cinema, which I have wanted to see for years.

If this is the kind of thing you also want to see, it is entirely the kind of thing I want to share. Hit me up and I'll figure out how we can best do that.

After that, I have a couple of other bluray disks that I have been putting off ripping, but at the rate that these are transcoding, it's going to be ~4 - 8 hours per film, and there are at least three films per disk.

That means I'm looking at ~24 hours to transcode each disk.

That's fine, it's background work, and it's not like I'm going to watch all of them in a single day.

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My focus on the bluray rips is stuff that's 1) in the public domain and 2) not available from the usual sources or stuff that 1) is important 2) is not available from the usual sources.

I'm not going to re-rip something that's on the bay, and I'll only re-rip something that's on Archive.org in the event that there's a major quality boost.

This is part of the same effort that has me capturing 16mm film and preserving VHS tapes. I'm building an archive.

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