Wow, last week tonight does not work as well without a live audience.

@witchfynder_finder I saw a clip.

I've been one of 4 people in the audience of a local "pro" show, and it was really great for us, but without any audience at all... yeah, sounds rough.

@ajroach42 Yeah I feel like there's a HUGE difference between performing for 4 fans at a local show and performing for an empty stadium...

@witchfynder_finder unquestionably. The fact that they didn't give the performers Anyone to play off of... it was worrying to watch, honestly.

@ajroach42 :think_bread: it's almost as if liberals know they don't believe in anything, but in typical liberal fashion, want to to pretend they do anyway.

@ajroach42 it felt weird, yeah. Even canned laughter from a laughtrack would've helped a bit I think.

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