Windows is much better at printing booklets automatically than mac or linux, and I'm wondering how far back I have to go before this stops being true.

(I guess it's more important how far back I can go and still have drivers for my printer, eh?

@ajroach42 I print booklets in libreoffice, and it's hard(ish) to get the settings right but I think I've got it now!

@ajroach42 Wouldn't something like Lyx (WYSIWYG LaTeX editor) solve this? I guess you could also write using HTML and then use CSS to tell the browser how to print. Once you have printer drivers for your printer, especially for GNU/Linux, don't ever let them go.

@TheOuterLinux On a windows machine, I can open basically any document in nearly any program, press print, and then check the "booklet" box.

And it figures out the rest.

On a mac or a linux box, I have to do the imposition myself, which is doable, but super tedious to get right. It's hours of work in linux vs literally one click on windows.

I use linux as my primary OS in basically all situations, but for this reason I keep a windows machine on my network.

@ajroach42 Susprisingly, Liz had problems printing to our Eco-Tank from Windows, but it's been pretty much plug-and-play with Linux.

@freakazoid I haven't had trouble with Linux and my ecotank, but I did have to manually install drivers to get it working on windows.

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